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Core Group home page

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Space for Core Group resources.

We will file Core Group meeting notes and other important documents here for future reference.


I-K-Mediary Structure

I-K-Mediary Activity ideas


I-K-Mediary Programme documents



Intended for Core Group members, please edit the contact details at the bottom if appropriate. 


I-K-Mediary Network Vision and Mission

 The logic and rational undermining the I-K-Mediary  Network expressed diagramatically.  This logic underpinned the narrative in the concept note and would provide good basis for future proposals and activity ideas.


I-K-Mediary Network member world map - Feb 09

This is the appendix to the concept note.  please print too. We'll update this version with new members.



Core Group meeting notes 



Face to face meeting of Core Group - Brighton, 1-2 Nov 2009 - includes decision to set up as independent organisation, discussion of structures, activity ideas, membership policy   Notes from CoreGroup Meeting_Nov09.doc


About the Core Group

      It is a voluntary group, a subset of the broader I-K-Mediary group that will primarily be responsible for developing a programme of activities for the broader I-K-Mediary group and developing a proposal/series of proposals and then for fundraising for it

      provide the initiative and overall direction (with inputs from the other I-K-Mediary Group members, of course)  for the group

      responsible for ensuring coherence of the informal network

      should rely on willingness and enthusiasm of members to get on and do things, don't need lots of structures at this stage just regular and open communication

      members need to have some time to commit to taking different areas forward between meetings – ideally this should be built into their jobs

      needs a secretariat to sort out logistical issues – was suggested IDS group should carry on in this role 

The Core group and the I-K-Mediary group 

      I-K-Mediary Group needs to be engaged and maintain the momentum from the Brighton and particularly the Pretoria workshop

      We (core group) need to revisit the commitments made at that workshop

      Core group needs to make it clear that the I-K-Mediary Group can do activities without waiting for funding but recognise many just want the knowledge sharing benefits and don't want to actively participate



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