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I-K-Mediary Wiki

This Wiki is for the I-K-Mediary Network.  We can use it to share and co-create documents about te network   Please request a password if you'd like to edit.  If you are not sure how, you could look at the webinars, links below.



About the I-K-Mediary Group

 The I-K-Mediary Group is an emerging affiliation amongst individuals from organisations who play a knowledge/information intermediary role in a development context. This group shares a common belief that information and knowledge intermediaries have an important role to play in ensuring greater use of information and knowledge in development policy and practice and that this will ultimately have positive development outcomes. The group was formed to enable sharing, learning and collaboration between its members in order to achieve our individual and collective goals.  Our website is at www.ids.ac.uk/go/ikmediary-group/




pb wiki generic stuff that might be useful  

For tips and tricks on getting started, sign up for one of our free introductory webinars. You can also view a recording of our popular webinar, PBwiki 101: Your Guide to Wiki Basics.

Academic and Personal Users

Free recorded webinar: PBwiki for librarians and educators

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